Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recovery Time

Last night I ventured out to the Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry concert at JPJ. It is about 25 minutes from my house and I tend to go to every concert they have there. I love country music so if there is a country concert..sign me up. I went with my friends and her family. My hubs was supposed to go but he was! I still had tons of fun! We had seats way up high but that did not stop me from shaking my vijiggle jaggle! 

As you can see from below...we were super high....but it was still a blast! question..there was some little kids was beside me and he asked his mom is he was safe. I was not sure at first if he meant there or beside me. BUT THEN...they moved..AWAY FROM ME. Was it my dancing? My drinking? Or just me? Who knows...but why bring little children to a concert like this if you are not prepared for what will happen? So to all the ladies with kids..would you take your children to a country concert? This is pretty much what they look like!

So parents..please leave your children at home! I did have a blast..Rascal Flatts were great and pretty funny. Who knew? The Band Perry were amazing. I now need a tutu as Kimberly Perry was rocking a pretty sweet black one. I now get to prepare to see the good ole Luke Bryan in March but I have to behave as the seats are in the president's box due to no drinky for me which leads to no a not so fun Rachel. 


  1. I totally agree with kids at concerts... I've seen so many at different concerts and I truly think the majority of the parents just do it to get attention for themselves. Sad, but true.

  2. There's that "va jiggle jaggle" again...LOLOL

  3. I love shankin' my va jiggle jaggle.


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