Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PLL and much more

OK so normally I do not post about TV shows but I have to post about this. If you have not watched last nights Pretty Little Liars...stop reading now!
One..Aria is the worst baby sitter ever but when did kids start going to the ER for scrapes on chins?
Two..Who all thinks Fitz and Aria will be done with Maggie back in the picture?
Three..Hanna and Aria ditching Wildens car..bad news bears. These girls are too cute but not cute enough to get away with this crime.
Four..Toby...WHY? Why did they kill/possibly kill of the Tobster?
I CAN'T! I want more Keegan Allen chest time people!
Five..What the heck is this cray cray girl saying? And about a mess! Poor thing has lost it fast!
Six...why leave me hanging until next week? I swear the writers of this show have made me one crazy bitch too!
On to other topics! I am starting to not feel so hot and thinking I am catching what the hubs has. Let's pray to every god known to man that I am not. I do not want ER visits here. If I do end up like all better send flowers because I will over dramatize it and act like I am on my death bed!

Yesterday I looked at my student loan stuff. BAD IDEA!


WOW...You never really realize how much you owe and then when you sit down and add it all is all BAM in your face! I couldn't even imagine if I would of continued and got a masters. Whoo..thank god I didn't have goals or dreams! So if any billionaires out there want to be super nice and pay my debt..hollar over here!

Which leads my tush onto how I really really really want to go to Bloggy Boot Camp this year BUT someone should sponsor me. So..I put together a fab, amazing media kit and send a few out. I hope to get a few responses soon. If you are a business and are reading this...CONTACT ME...please?? Wouldn't you like me to go learn alot of amazing things about blogging and grow my blog? I can promote your business and help it grow as well! (plus I wanna meet my blog friends)

So in other words..I am done rambling and everyone enjoy your hump day..the week is almost done!


  1. I don't think Toby's really dead! A friend and I were just discussing it and we think it could possibly be Wilden, given a tattoo to make the girls THINK it's Toby??

  2. I agree with Jessica, I don't think he is dead!! I mean how could they kill off such an insanely good looking character? Just, no. I hope you aren't getting sick!!

  3. Don't worry you are not the only one faced with loan issues! They are killing me!!!! I too am dying to go to that conference and am needing sponsors..if you find a company that is willing plz let me know! BTW you gif are too funny!


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