Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our first date

I figured I would let the world know about the hubs and I's first date! I wish I could say it was super romantic and stuff..but it really was not. I am telling you..after reading this..you will probably say I am gross and why did he marry me! The how we met is a different story for a different time..so lets leave that chapter be...

We went on a date on New Years Eve six years ago..do not ask me to do that math...it is hard enough to remember that is has been six years..I almost lost track after we got married. That is the date that means the most to me. I am not a sappy girl who will keep track of a lot stuff...I am bad about that. 

Rambling..back to my tale here. We went on a date to some family friends house for a New Years Eve party. It was good for me because I knew everyone so I was very comfy..not sure about him. We were still trying to get to know each other and had not said that "are we boy friend girlfriend stuff" yet. 

Here is a lovely picture of when the night started out!

AW we look so young!

Well as the night went on..jello shooters turned out to be my best friend and I thought that dancing on the back of a couch was a good idea! Right? Yea..turned out to be bad. I fell off and hit my little head! The worst part about my dancing is that it is not your normal dancing. It normally involves me backing my butt against someone..anyone...and shaking it! I blame it on my high school! (ex.Hence the 4 girl train thing below and drink in hand)

When my sweet hubs picked me up (first date remind you) I then sat on his lap and farted right on him. I FARTED ON HIM ON THE FIRST DATE...I did not even care..I was just like whatever! He just laughed it off. 

At some point I passed out and this lovely fellow took me home...I do not remember if we made it to midnight but we are married to this day. I do still fart around him and I do not care! EVERYONE DOES IT PEOPLE!!!

Does anyone else have a funny first date?


  1. Oh my god!!! I laughed out loud!! Way too funny!!

  2. HILARIOUS!!! I don't think I've had such an awesome first date as you did though....


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