Sunday, February 10, 2013

Newlywed Link up Week 3

Hey its the time again!! And the hubs is beside me so I can bug him for his answers! 

1.  How long were you dating your spouse before getting engaged?
Rachel: A year and a few months
Chris: I don't know (He really doesn't remember)

2.  Do you remember your first big fight, if so, what was it about?
Chris: No

3.  Who said "I love you" first?
Rachel: Chris did
Chris: I do not remember (I see a trend here)

4.  What is your spouse most afraid of?
Rachel: I cannot say on the Internet
Chris: Bugs? (Snakes)

5.  Who uses more hair-care products?
Rachel: Me
Chris: Definitely not me

6.  Who initiated the first kiss?  How was it on a scale from 1-10?
Rachel: I think he did. I guess a 10..Long time ago!
Chris: Probably me...5..(he meant 10)

7.  You are on your way out, and need to turn around because someone forgot something... was it you or your spouse who most likely forgot something?
Rachel: Me..all the way.
Chris: Her.

8.  Who takes longer in front of the mirror?  You or your spouse?
Rachel: Me. About a hour. 
Chris: She does. I just gotta see if my hair is sticking up.

9.  What would your spouse name your children if you had one girl & one boy?
Rachel: We both like Bentley for a boy...girl is not option. 
Chris: Bentley for a boy. (He just shook his head to the girl)

10.  If you were able to give away one thing that your spouse owned, what would you choose?
Rachel: Nothing..honestly. 
Chris: Her shoes. They are in the way all the time.

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  1. This was adorable. But neither of you want girl babies??? That's all I want! lol So excited to get to "meet" other VA bloggers!


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