Sunday, February 24, 2013 secret love

My secret love is Nascar. I know most girls like football,baseball or soccer. Not me. I am all about some Nascar. Today's race...the Daytona 500.

This is a rednecks heaven. I have been raised in a Nascar family. I grew up on dirt tracks and I can sit down and watch a entire race and not get bored or fall asleep. One of the best parts...the hottest red-headed pale man you will ever feast your eyes on. He is secretly in love with me but has yet to realize it! 

Yep..that may be another reason I watch Nascar but I do enjoy the race and I can be completely wasted and still keep up. It is a circle...I can drink me some box wine/bud light and still know what is going on! 

Now if anyone knows Dale Jr...hook a sister up. My husband will understand!! 


  1. I'm not a NASCAR fan but I love it when other girls are legit sports fans, no matter what that sport is!

  2. Haha I did not know you were such a dad is a Nascar official!


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