Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My week so far!

So I figured I would post about my week because it has been a great one actually! I get to have these 2 lovely little girls wake up with me every day and they are never mad at me. They are always wagging them tails and happy to see me. The only time we fight is when they want to eat my goldfish and I do not want to share them!

(Note the hubs in the picture with the Amish-like beard. I now call him Abe! Zoey is actually sleeping on him in the picture too!)

I also got a beautiful view last night driving home and stopped in the driveway to snap a picture! How pretty is that? I have to admit..I am pretty lucky to get to live here and see that all the time! 

The one bad thing about today is that I did stop and get some Chicken Minis from the ole Chik-Fil-A and I got the three piece meal. I was so excited to eat this after not having it for literally a year..but those bitches shorted me a chicken. Note I said chicken. All the biscuits were there....I was missing a chicken piece out of a biscuit. I did still eat the biscuit because it is like crack biscuits but I am upset because I wanted 3 chicken minis not 2 and a biscuit!

I also was late today to work. When you work on a MAJOR college campus and decide to take something back to a library, make sure there is no construction going on in the direction you are walking. If you decided to go around another way, make sure you can and that there is no construction that way either! I was only 10 minutes but hey...it matters! 

It may sound like I am having a bad day but really I am still having a great day! We have had a moocher living with us for about ..A long time and they finally moving their butt on out! WOOT! Sorry..not sorry. I know I may not seem very nice on this..but there is a long story on this one! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Go to the Chick-Fil-A website and use the "Contact Us" form to tell them about the missing chicken...maybe they'll send you a coupon to make up for it.


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