Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

Alright..I caved. Everyone is posting about their I decided to do it!
So...we have been together since the dawn of time. Our love story..not the sweetest. (I was dating his friend..DO NOT JUDGE ME) I fell for this guy right here after high school!
 He happens to do this to his head randomly against my wishes.
Wears way to much camouflage and John Deere!

And if we are on vacation in Maine, he thinks is it a good idea to walk in the harbor to look at the engine that has washed ashore. This is what happens when you marry/date a mechanic people!
Or shaves their head before going to see family (Note the tank top sticking out of my shirt..At some point I thought this was cool??)

But he can still clean up nice every now and then!

He has put up with a lot of my crazy antics over the years, from coloring my hair every shade I can think of, chopping it off, to saying some pretty dumb shit. I fart in from of him..including the first date and I almost got him beaten up for running my mouth to people before! He loves me no matter what dumb, stupid or silly thing I do!
We are not high school sweet hearts or have some crazy love story. We are just 2 people that are in love, got married and are now best friends. We have no big Valentine's Day plans nor do we even plan on going out tonight! BUT all that matters is that we have each other!! 


  1. I'm glad u have each other! I'm just sending long some Valentine luv. Thank u for the nice giveaway

  2. I love it! It's 'reality' that most couples don't have the 'fairytale' - they're just in love! And our husbands are seriously so much alike... My husband's wardrobe consists of nothing but John Deere and camouflage things, until I force him to buy something else. It's a bit ridiculous, but what they love I guess! And, the cowboy hat goes everywhere. It went to a high school basketball game the other night. Wow...

    Hope y'all had a GREAT Valentine's Day spending time together :).


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