Thursday, February 7, 2013

My baywatch days!

Ever go to the beach back in the day and think you were super cute? Welp..back in high school I was thinking that at one point. I was not super cool but I had MASSIVE boobs and thought that made me something I guess and I got to go to the beach with my friend Jessica to Ocean City. (Sorry you will not see any pictures of me in bathing suits....I will not go that far yall!)

We decided to be cool and got boogie boards. There was this super hot life guard sitting somewhere on the beach and for some odd reason I had to go ask him something...or rent something from him. I decided I was going to run..but did I run normally? NO....I did the baywatch run. 

So I am strutting/running/looking dumb as my teenage self across the sand as Jessica and her mom look on..and what happens? I fall..face first with a wet bikini in the sand. All you see is sand go POOF all around me. All I could do at this point is slump back in shame to Jessica and her family. I was covered in head to toe with sand, looked like a fool and felt it. Never do the bay watch run when you are off balance due to genetics! 

Take my not run on the beach unless you have practiced the baywatch run or you are Pam Anderson of the Hoff.


  1. I get it. I got a double whammy of the klutz gene so anytime I try just about anything...yeah, I'm going down.

  2. ahahahaha i wish you had a pic of this!

  3. hahahaha this is hilarious. I am really upset we don't get a pic of this! Also, having big boobs was pretty much all you needed to be considered cool in high school. Ahh the good ol days..

  4. haha! This is too funny! Aren't memories like this just the best?!
    I def did some silly dares back in the day!


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