Sunday, February 3, 2013

It is just a game...

So that lovely football game is on tonight...but for most of the lovely blogging world...ITS  A CONCERT!!!! WHAT WHAT! Who can not say they are not actually watching for the commercials and the half time show?? I mean come on..Beyonce is gonna be out there shaking her lady parts and the whole world is going to be watching in envy wishing their va-jiggle jaggle could move that way!

The only competition that ole Sasha Fierce might have is this fellow right here!

I also do not understand why these fans are so nuts and why they have to wave yellow towels...I DO NOT GET IT AT ALL!!! Also..why are the fellows below wearing mask? Isn't that a wrestling thing? They must of had too much fun tailgating! 

But hey these bishes did not make it to the superbowl and from what I have read..they are not very sportmans-like. Maybe they should just watch the concert or the commercials??? 

So I will be watching the concert tonight and the commercials! In between that..I will be eating..what about yall?


  1. Hahaha... va jiggle jaggle.... that's my all-time favorite new word. :)

    I absolutely agree, I will be ONLY be watching for the half time show and the commercials. Ravens? 49ers? Who CARES! :)

    Hope you have a lovely evening, my lady. :)

  2. Va jiggle jaggle?? ...totally lol'd at that one =)

  3. haha lots of eating! good eating! (or bad? well it tasted good!)
    And you know, I think actually paid attention to the game more this year than any year before...winning! ;)


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