Monday, February 11, 2013

Hobby Time

So I decided a couple months ago I needed a hobby! I tried blog design..not for me. Props to you ladies that can do that shiz! 

Then I sat around wondering what skills I have and got all sad and was all I have I no skills! I have no hobbies..I SUCK! BUT THEN..I mother taught me something I hated as a child. I can cross stitch like no bodies business. I for real hated this growing up and said I would never do this and I can make wreaths. So I made a few things and opened a Etsy shop to see how it goes! Buy some stuff people!!! I MEAN IT!

You can find it here! 


To make it worth while for reading this post here is some of ole Luke shaking it!


  1. haha i need a new hobby too. can't wait to check out the shop!

  2. Uhh I love when you post gifs of Luke makes my day better haha

  3. I've never though of blogging a hot mans ass when I have nothing to blog about. Thank you for this.

  4. Luke Bryan! Mmmm, he's so pretty! (:


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