Thursday, February 21, 2013

Furbaby Vet Day

Today my little bitty Itsy Bitsy is at the vet all day long. She is getting her lady bits removed. I could not even bring my self to drop her off because I am sad. I know she needs this done but it makes me sad because I do not want to see her in pain. We got her at only 5 weeks old and she has grown so much since then. She is only over 4 months old now but she is my little bitty bug!  DON'T JUDGE ME FOR THE NICKNAMES PEOPLE.
This was the first day I got her...and her eyes looked like they just opened!!
Her big sister was having to check her out!
She was so freaking tiny and has grown so much in a few months! She was only 5lbs and now was 22lbs!
So lets all pray to the Furbaby Gods that everything goes okay for her spay while her ladybits are removed.


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