Friday, February 15, 2013

Concert Fun

I love country music and country concerts. To me...there is nothing better. Tomorrow night, I will be with the hubs and my good friend Pamela dancing my butt off to Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry. I am very excited about this as I have seen A TON of concerts but not these 2. I am not sure about our seats but hey, if you are sitting near better stand because I am gonna be dancing all night long!


Yes..I will dance like a fool, make an ass of my self and probably embarrass my hubs but hey! WHO CARES! I may even bust out some flat footin! 

There is also the people at country concerts who want to sit there and get mad at you for standing up and dancing! Do not ever be one of those people! I will stand longer and dance more to piss you off! I feel like if you go to a concert, please have fun! Enjoy your self. If you wanted to sit down and act like you are at home..GO HOME and listen to the music on the radio! 

I also found out today that I get to go see good ole Luke Bryan in March..after my birthday! HOW AWESOME IS THAT SHIT! That made my day. I get to see Luke Bryan and it is in the prez box! Yep...super lucky!  I will have to behave dancing will be going on. I will get to gaze and stare at him though from a perfect view and imagine what our imaginary children look like! 

Okay..enough Luke Bryan for the day! So I got my hair done for the day. I just went to Hair Cuttery but I saw the lovely Whitney went to a salon where she gets wine. I am doing something wrong. Why do the salons in VA not serve wine people?? I got me some highlights done but I am way to lazy to take a picture of my self right now..look for some concert pictures to see how it turned out!

Enough jibber jabber! 

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  1. Haha, love Luke! I have a pic of him and my kids and when I look at that I like to think he's their dad!;)


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