Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's in my bag!

I saw this lovely idea of posting what is in my bag over at All That Glitters by Rebekah and A beautiful Mess by Ricci. I had to steal it because this is a very cute idea to post about! 

I have a Coach bag that I adore and I do not know what I will do if something happens to this baby! I got it in Freeport, Maine at the outlet because I am cheap!

It zips in the center and it perfect for carrying. I wish it did have longer straps though!

My lovely wallet and a matching little wallet for when I do not feel like carrying a lot around! I also have a camouflage check book case. 

I do not go anywhere without a hairbrush. I have one in the car, my desk..everywhere! And of keys, house keys and a store card to every store around!

I have a lovely Sweet Frog gift card, Aleve, 2 blistexs and a pedometer! I track my steps for a thing at work! 

I saved the best for last! Pepper spray! I think every girl should have this. I have to walk to work from my car for about 10 minutes and my hubs got me this. 

You may have noticed there is no makeup, gloves, cell phone or other fun stuff? I have another bag I carry to work that I keep a lot of that in and on the weekends I typically have that done before I leave the house. I like to be low maintenance but if needed it will be put in there! 

Thank you to Rebekah and Ricci for the idea!!


  1. I didn't even see your checkbook in the picture until I read what you wrote! Gotta love the camo ;)

    1. HAH My hubs is forcing me to love it. You should see the matching bag!

  2. Even your checkbook is camo!! Love it!! Ok, funny story about pepper spray! There is a trail along the river here that I go running at. A couple years ago there were a few attacks on women, so my dad came over one day and had bought me a can so I could take it with me on my runs. And I did, it was small enough to hold in my hand as I was running, because the trail did get a little lonely at the end. When I was done my run I always left it in my glove box. Then one summer day we were headed out, and my husband passed me something to put in the glove box. I see that the pepper spray is leaking, no big deal, I take it out and leave it on the counter. Then we head out. I have an obsession with lip gloss, a mind that comes n a cup that you apply with your finger, I put it on way too often!! So, I put my lip gloss on, play around with other things on my face, like my eye, and about two minutes later I'm in agony!! As we are driving down the highway!! Yup, pepper spray was on my hands and I had now basically rubbed it all over my cafe, lips and in my eye!! That shit hurts!!!

    1. OMG That is crazy! I would of did you get it off??

  3. When I seen your picture of the Blistex I chuckled, because I am addicted to that stuff!


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