Friday, January 4, 2013

What to wear?

I am having a clothing dilemma  I am going to see the lovely Miranda Lambert and the gorgeous Dierks Bentley with my favorite gals on Jan. 19.

 I have no idea what to wear. Now this is not because I do not go to concerts. I have been to 6 or 7 country concerts in 2012 and I have know what to wear to them..cowboy boots..jeans..floral print dress..yada yada yada. But this where the problem lies. Almost EVERY girl is wearing a floral print dress with cowboy boots (To anyone that does that and reads my blog please do not hate me..just saying) . I typically rock the jeans look with the boots and a flannel shirt or something country.


Now the dilemma lies in that I am signing up for a meet n greet with Miranda Lambert because I am just that much of a stalker and joined her fan club and I wanna look awesome next to her. (My friend is doing that same so we are both facing this) She always dresses great and I do not want to look like a country bumpkin or a slob!

So any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 

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