Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What have I been missing?

Today is nasty cold out and where I work we get to park in lovely garages and hoof it to work if you have not been here for 20 years. Not fun! I did eat Reese pieces for breakfast though..that was good? No?
Last night I was surfing the tv and just stuck it on some channel and then played on the net and watched my twitter blow up! Between Helene, Ricci and Sami I now watch the Bachelor. Why you ask? The tweets were to funny to not watch!
Exhibit 1. ricci@riccialexis
Is it just me or do all of these Bachelor girls have some seriously BAD weave???
Exhibit 2. Helene@heleneinbetween
or a pawn shop that sells used garments.
Exhibit 3. Sami @SamiShenanigans
Ok sooo.. Dresses on tonight came from either strippers or leftover Senior Prom
(If you do not follow these ladies blogs and twitters you should!)

Now typically I would of just laughed and went on my merry way but this kept on so I had to change over to this show to check it out..and there was drunk girls, a chick in a wedding dress (cray cray) and one girl had was born with only one arm! I believe this will be one heck of a season. To top it all off and the VERY END, this lovely mess dances
..shows her arse and has a tie! I believe I missed the best parts as I tuned in towards the end but I had to DVR this train wreck of a show! What have I been missing the past few years?
I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!
Helene in Between


  1. I would totally be the dancer.

  2. haha hilarious! my friends and i watched it last night and we were dying! what a crazy season it will be indeed! love your cute blog and now following! XO chaseandem.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for the follow!! It was def. worth watching!

  3. I've been threatening to watch the bachelor/bachelorette shows just bc everyone in the blogosphere talks about it and I feel left out when I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. Hahaha!! Maybe this season will be the season I tune in!!

    1. I never watched it until last night and it had me laughing!

  4. I havent started to watch it simply bc I know I will probably get addicted. I know my limits. lol I will just stay up to date from your updates :)- Pamela W

    1. HAH I was the same until I saw updates on twitter!! We need a lunch date soon


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