Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update!!!!

This weekend had it's ups and downs!!! Saturday started out great! I went to of the best places on earth. This store is heaven. Who does not like Target? I mean I am so happy when I go there. I can get Starbucks till I drop and I am in absolute bliss until I reach the register and see what I actually spent! Then I am all WHATTTT!
I did manage to buy some lovely nail polish and threw a little paint on them nails. I have to admit..I have not painted my nails in least 5 years if not more. I hated doing this and would only go to a salon and pay some one which got pricey and I completely suck at it..or so I thought. I gave it another shot over the weekend because..well I am tired of my nails looking like shit! I did not even have my nails done for my wedding ladies! DO NOT JUDGE ME!
I also had my cute not so little niece and nephew over Saturday night for pizza and what not. I painted her nails as well but being the bad blogger that I am..I did not take a picture of her nails and I painted them the wrong color...she is a cheer leader and I did the other teams colors...oops!
He also thinks he is Justin Biebs.....
I did lounge with the puppers yesterday in the a.m. and they decided to cuddle with each other instead of me. Little shits! At least they look super cute together! The little one is getting super huge!! Check out them paws...and she is only 11 weeks out!
Me and the hubs went out for mexican food last night and then decided to drive 40 minutes out of the way for Sweet Frog. We were the only mid-twenty people in the joint but I do not care. That stuff is addicting and I would drive 2 hours to get it!

Do not mess with me when it comes to my Sweet may lose a limb! I should of taken some pics of me and the hubs..but he looks Amish now that he has decided to grow a beard and well...who wants to see that? And can't take a picture of a Amish fellow!
I am also hosting another giveaway thanks to my mother!!! You can find it here! It is a scentsy warmer of your choosing and a bar!
Also a little thing I must say...I was not going to watch the show Buckwild for multiple reason..
1. I lived in ain't like that.
2. This is another Jersey Shore.
3. Well..I guess we are like this in the country..who am I kidding!
I guess he won't be reading my blog then?
Also the winner of the Maybook giveaway has been chosen and it is...Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide!! Hey Chelsee...give me a buzz!
Welp..that was my weekend..not so much fun..kinda boring! Tata for now!


  1. I caught my hubs watching buckwild!!!! HE HATES REALITY TV! I need a frog place up here!

  2. I was stuck watching Buckwild last night and wow is all I can say. I know that people in WV are not like that...just has how people in GA are not all Honey Boo Boos! It kills me that people sterotype an entire state based on a reality tv show. I will say Buckwild is like a train wreck that you can't help but watch lol You should stop by my blog today, I am co-hosting a huge link party!

  3. Pretty nails!! I'm obsessed with fro yo, also. It's seriously a problem. :)

  4. Buckwild is hilarious! I love it! It reminds me exactly of my brother and his friends...rednecks I know!

  5. I'm sorry, you have Miley/Hannah in a blog post. I'm instantly in my happy place.

    Also, there is nothing about Buckwild I don't love. I have watched each episode easily 4 times.


  7. omg that nail polish needs to be mine. k thanks. and never watched buckwild. (but I am also a strange loser girl)

  8. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love your nailpolish. You did a great job!

  9. Target is a black hole that takes my soul and my money and I just don't even care.


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