Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tupperware party!

Last night I had a good topic to blog about..did I write it down..nope! Do I remember it..nope!! So you are stuck with this sad little blog post today!
This weekend I am having a tupper ware party.

Why do you ask? Well it all started at this little craft fair and the lady sort of ringed me in with free stuff. Who can say no to free stuff?? Not me! So now on Saturday evening I am having a bunch of people at my house to look at plastic containers to see if they want to buy any of it. I will be loaded up on booze to get me through this. I even bribed a few people to come to it with the booze

It will not be that bad...but still it is a tupperware party! How much fun can it be? Well with the people I have coming hopefully it will be a blast! So I will update this after the party with pictures and let you know!!

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!!

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  1. anything with alcohol can be made into something fun. right?!


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