Sunday, January 6, 2013

Target Finds

Today I was SUPER bored and went to Target. I love that store. I spent a lovely hour in there being a cheap ass wandering around looking for the signs that said "Clearance" in bed red letters. I feel like I did very well. I have been wanting a new dish set but nothing to fancy. I am very cheap and was not sure what to get! 

I got these bad boys for $1.34 a piece! 

 I got these bowls that match the plates for $1.24!

They also had these cute little veggie keepers and seeing how I just had a Tupperware party..and they are WAY over priced in Tupperware..go to Target and get them. Only $2.99.

I loved the Valentines stuff they had out but I a too cheap to buy anything full price so I forbid myself to look at it too much! But I did snag a picture of it to share. I love the wreaths so I might have to breakdown and get those!


On another note..tonight is the season premiere of MOB WIVES!! Who else is excited about this? 

I love this hot mess of a show! They are either wanting to shank one another, go out to dinner, or have drinks! These woman are hilarious!! And Big Ang? Love that hot mess of work! Only woman with bigger boobs than me! I hope everyone else watches tonight too because there is never a dull episode on this show! 

I also had my Tupperware party on Saturday and that went well. I am very close to getting TONS of free Tupperware so if you would like to order something and have it shipped to your house..hit me up ladies! You can never have enough containers that can survive a nuclear blast! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week coming up!

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