Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shopping Day

Today the husband went fishing with friends so I took that day! One of my friends called me and we met up in Charlottesville and went to so many stores. I was in the market for a new top for the Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley concert I am going to this upcoming weekend. This will be my 3rd time seeing her, 2nd for him. I want to look awesome of course! 

I went to Maurices today. A brand new one just opened. I could buy almost everything in there. They have the best clothes for great prices and a size fore everyone. 

I really wanted to buy this dress..I call it a mullet dress...short in the front..long in the back. It fit so well and looked amazing. I am having to control my self to not go back and buy this dress. I love it. It has a light blue slip under it and it is just perfect. 

The things I did buy! 

I love this rep top. It has glitter shimmer in different sections and it fit great shows the girls pretty well!

This is a sweater and top I got. The top is a tank top and it is beaded. Love the light blue. Ignore the pasty white skin. The sweater is very versatile and I can wear it to work as well! 

Should I go back and get the dress or no? I do not want to spend tons of money and I do not know where else I would wear it...advice!


  1. Sounds like such a fun day!! I wish you would post pictures of what you got. :) Also, if you think you'll wear the dress more than once, I'd say go for it! Otherwise, save your money for something else. But...that's just my opinion. ;)

  2. I got the red top and the blue top!!! I am nuts over this store but have to watch it!!!


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