Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today me and one of the pups...Zoey! went for a little walk down the driveway. It is rather long. I can't take the smallest as she can not walk up steps yet! The walk was nice except the neighbors dogs bombarded us and almost knocked me on my arse! 

I also got this lovely piece the other week from a friend! It was given to us so we cleaned it up and put it where the Christmas Tree was. I finally got some things in wedding bouquet(I had a fake one) and other little odds and ends to make it look cute and full!!

Tonight is my tupperware party. I have cleaned my house from top to bottom!!! You could eat off my floor..though don't!! I have yet to make food or I should start that!

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  1. Hey! Great post:) Good luck at your Tupperware party, I'm sure your it will be fabulous! Have a great weekend:)


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