Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Wednesday!

Yesterday I got home to this lovely package on my kitchen table which made my day seeing how I am not feeling the best and I am starting to catch a cold.

This is my first Birchbox and I was very happy with what was inside so be looking for that little preview!! I also have some fun giveaways and product reviews coming up! Are you excited..I sure freaking am!
On another note..last nights Pretty Little Liars was a good show but had me all sad because of the Tobster. I am sad that Spencer has found out the truth but yet I want them back together. Who cares if he on the damn A train. That is one hot fellow and he needs to be on every episode with no shirt on. I feel like this should be mandatory.
Dance Moms was also on. That lovely ball of mess Abby was yelling and sashaying her butt all over the television. I am just not sure how she can yell at the little kiddos and make them cry. I could never do that but I also can not find the ability to turn it off. The kids are super talented though so maybe that's it? NOPE who am I kidding..its all the drama from the class act mommas! 
I also enjoyed this lovely-ness yesterday! Who is counting calories? Not me! With a sore throat this made everything better!!!
Happy Hump day yall! 


  1. I can't turn Dance Moms off either! I hate how she treats the kids, but the moms are a hoot and the kids are damn talented.

  2. Oh, Toby!! I agree with you and he looked pretty darn good with a do rag on during that flashback....just sayin! :) I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Yay for a birchbox!! And I knoww Toby is sooo fine! haha, cannot wait for next weeks episode!! And is that an iced coffee? looks delish! <3 And feel better!
    New to your blog and loving it! :)

    <3 Kelly

  4. Yessss Toby needs to just stay shirtless! Hope you feel better darlin'!


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