Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today I am feeling uber lazy! It is snowing once again and I would be perfectly happy if I laid in bed and slept all day long. I am looking a little rough right now. The hubs said I need to get up and out the I did. At some point today I am going to drag my butt to Target to spend money I shouldn't but Target always makes me smile until I get to the register and see what I actually spent!


I did find out yesterday I am going to Rascal Flatts with The Band Perry. My amazing friend Pam got tickets and we are going to dance our butts off in Feb. I am very excited. I would be even more excited if we were going to see Luke Bryan but the hubs told me know right before they went on sale and then when Pam tried..they were sold out...bitches! Since I can not go see Luke..I am leaving you with this again!

I do need to get back on this weight loss thing. I bought some girl scout cookies Them little girls bring out those cookies just in time to ruin my diet. I find it almost impossible to not eat at least 5 cookies before I put the box up. DAMN IT! 

Do I think I will ever look like this?

NOPE! WHY? Because I have a chest the size of Texas! But it would help if I would stop shoveling in girl scout cookies and would actually work out once in a while! I could do Zumba in my own house..but do I? NOPE! So at some point I guess I gotta kick my butt into some kind of we shall so what happens!!! 

Welp I am done rambling so have a great day everyone!!!


  1. Girl scout cookies do me in every time! And I'm so so SO jealous you're going to see The Band Perry. I can't wait to hear how it is (amazing I'm sure).

    Good luck putting down those cookies!! Haha

  2. Girl Scout cookies will be the death of us all! Have fun at Target, love that place!

  3. That's what happened last summer when I went to Target...every other day. I just had too much time on my hands! I went yesterday with Jason though and only bought what I needed, thankfully! But I hear ya about wanting to stay in bed all day!

  4. I will settle for a chest the size of rhode island lol


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