Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mornings!

The weekend is over and we are all back at work...5 whole days. How terrible does that sound? I actually am not all the sad. I get bored sitting at home!
Last night was a blast though. I got to watch my favorite trashy gals threaten to stab/punch/kill each other. I have missed their lovely faces and I am glad they are back on their airwaves. My Sundays were getting a little boring.

And if it could not get any better...Honey Boo Boo came on right after that! My night was amazing!! There really are no words to express this show.
My weekend for the most part was spent at Target shopping clearance racks and being thrifty!! I also had a Tupperware party where I had tons of ladies at my house spending money on containers that can win stand nuclear blast..but if it doesn't..they will replace it! 

I also got super disappointed when I tried to sign up for a meet n greet with my one and only Miranda Lambert that I am seeing in concert in a few weeks. Very sad. It seems I am not the only stalker of hers and I did not get a meet n greet...

  1. So now I do not have to stress out over what to wear to the concert as I do not get to meet her. BUT to everyone that does..I WISH DIARRHEA UPON YOU as you took my meet n greet!
I am hoping this week will be fabulous! I am planning on:
1. Become more productive!
2. Start a new book! Any ideas?
3. REALLY start Zumba...I need motivation here!
4. Stop checking twitter/blogger/facebook as often! I really have a problem but I love it so much!

Hopefully I can do some of these! I am also hoping to get one of my beauty boxes in the mail and I am going to do my first vlog on it. Do not judge me if I have a hick accent...I am from the country! I hope everyone has a sassy pants week!


  1. Hey! Great post lol I love some Mob wives, poor Drita! It was quite interesting last night don't you think...with Love being introduced and Big Angie's feet! Happy Monday!

  2. i LOVE zumba. as soon as my ankle is healed i am getting back to it. and i love honey boo boo. but i've never atually watched the show. weird? no?

  3. i love that tv shows have finally resumed after the winter hiatus!

    xo brie

  4. @helene..I feel like they are my long lost cousins! You need to watch a episode though!

  5. Girlfriend any blogger that uses GIFs gets my follow! Loved this post!


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