Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honeymoon Tales

This morning did not start off well so do not hate if this post blows! I am extremely tired and fell asleep in the car, in the garage before I even made it in the office.
So's a little story about something on my honeymoon which was almost 3 years ago. We went to a Sandals Resort in Jamaica.
These places are great. I encourage all people to stay at these...they are ALL INCLUSIVE PEOPLE. This means free booze...all day long...night and day..whenever you want. At Sandals...there are like 7 bars open. Problem...When you are a hick from the sticks and you put 2 hicks from the sticks in a nice place like this and say "Hey here is some free booze enjoy" ..we can take advantage of that.
Well on one of the lovely nights that they had planned a all white party...I had been partaking of a bit too much..I had made friends from Columbia, Pennsyltucky(not sure where he was from) and other various places. I discovered a lemon drop shot on this fine occasion and tried to keep up with my Colombian friend. (Do not ever do this)
Welp...I got cut off. Try and get cut off at a all inclusive resort..It is hard to do.  Well on my way to the restroom..I fell. Right into the bushes. Luckily there are no pictures from this lovely affair but I busted my bottom right there. The festivities were over for me. I was escorted back to my bueno!
This how I looked when the day started......
And at some point during the night this happened!
Luckily there are no after pics that are terribly horrible!
The next morning we were due to go kayaking and zip lining through the lovely jungle of Jamaica.....that was a rough morning!

I have a lot more to tell about the Honeymoon but that is for another time!

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