Friday, January 11, 2013

HF4F-Things I am loving!

So this has been a good week but tiring. Twice I have taken naps in my car while in the garage before work. I know..get to bed earlier but I find that I prefer facebook stalking and chatting it up with some lovely bloggers on twitter!
Here are some things I am loving this week.
1. Be Enchanted body lotion from Bath and Body works. It has a fabulous smell and keeps my skin hydrated for hours!

2. Victoria Secrets Aqua Kiss Body Mist- This stuff is by far my favorite mist that they have. It has a great scent that is not over powering and stays all day long. I have tried other mist from here and they are to strong or too fruity and this one is perfect. It has a great smell that is not over powering but is just enough that you can smell it! I get compliments all the time!
3. WARM WEATHER. It has been wonderful weather here in Virginia. I am loving it! I am ready for spring..can we skip Winter? 
4. I have a huge addictions to some clementines. I can not stop eating this suckers. I eat a bag a week..true story!
5. Kiki La Rue...How do I live before I found this? Her clothes are amazing and I want to buy everything. There are so many great tops and accessories that I can not wait to try out!
I also weighed my self this morning and the weight did not change..bummer but it did not go up. Here is a pic from this morning and hey I am happy with the way I look and that is all that matters!
I have a super goofy look on my you can see..not so good at taking selfies!
I am also linked up over here today!


  1. Hey! I am stopping by from the blog hop! I absolutely love the Aqua kiss scent, it smells so refreshing! Have a great weekend, if you have not already make sure to enter my ends tonight!

    Ps. I hope my blog tips helped you the other day!

    -Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

  2. Lol, I don't know why, but thinking of you napping in your garage makes me giggle! :) We have so much crap in our garage, so I couldn't do that, but maybe I'll nap in my driveway hehe. :) Happy Friday!

    1. HAH girl I need some more sleep these day..I get my naps where I can!!!

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Awards!

    1. Thank you!!! I will be doing that tonight :) That was so sweet of you!!!

  4. I will have to try that lotion! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower :)


    1. It is a great lotion I hope you like it!


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