Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guest Post: Marcy @ The Mustache Diaries

So while miss fancy pants is getting white girl wasted chumming it up with Dierks and Miranda...

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I will be slaving away putting shit up at the new house.
She better drink five or ten tall boys for me or else...
Anyways, y'all if your not cool enough to know already I am Marcy and I blog over at
Pretty much a blog where anything goes, you'll find a serious over usage of swearing, and of course mustaches/GIFS.
If that's the kind of things that gets your lady bits excited then pop in some time and say hello.
So Miss Fancy Pants asked me to guest post and I jumped on that shit.
I love her.
She is muh sistah from another mistah.
She likes to drink, shoot guns, and has daily battles with her inner fat girl just as I do.
I truly believe drinking is what brings us bitches together.
And if you don't like that shit well then honestly your a prude with a stick shoved so far up your ass it has to be coming out of your mouth.
And that is being nice.
I used to be one of THOSE girls who let people walk all over her.
I was a follower.
I couldn't even decide on a shirt to buy, what boy to like, etc. without getting an opinion and acceptance from someone else.
Now at 27 I have realized that I was fucking stupid.
And that is being nice.
Wanna know why?
Because, just like Rachel and a lot of you other girls, I am AMAZEBALLZ.
Yes, you read that right.
I am awesome.
I am the shit.
I definitely dance to the beat of my own drum.
I hold nothing back anymore.
I say what's on my mind.
I am able to be a leader for once.
If you don't like it.
It may sting for a hot minute but my ass will get over it and I will definitely move on.
Gone are the days of crying for hours because somebody looked at me the wrong way...
Seriously that in fact has happened.
I used to be such a scared little girl.
I am realizing now though how important I am.
How important MY life is.
...and at the end of the day when I lay my head down on my soft cold pillow I smile.
I smile because I have an amazing Husband and three beautiful girls.
I have amazing friends and amazing family.
An amazing job.
Instead of looking at the glass half empty these days I am trying to look at the glass half full.
Except shit I just drank the whole damn glass.
Sorry it had wine in it.
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Yes, the ENTIRE bottle.
You are welcome.
So while Rach is off having a grand ol' time...
Imma get drunk because fuck working or doing anything productive on the weekends...


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