Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guest Post: Carissa @ T Is for Townsend

Hello Country Roots readers!
I'm pretty pumped to be guest posting for Rachel today! She's one fabulous lady right?!
 She told me,
"anytime you want to guest post let me know!"
...and since I've never guest posted, and it's always sounded fun, and since Rachel and I are bloggy friends now, I thought heck yeah I wanna get on that.

So here we are.

If I were wearing one of those sticky name tag thingy's right now, it would read:
Hello, my name is:
...and I blog over at T is for Townsend

...except that last part usually isn't on those sticky name tag thingy's, I just added that in. Generic name tags don't usually leave a space for you to put your blog name down.
But enough about that.

Rachel and I have bonded over all things country in our lives: husbands, camo, country music, our love for Miranda Lambert, and all that good shiz.
Oh and dogs. She has really cute dogs too.

I blog about...well, I dunno really.
I don't blog about my outfits I wear, cause most of the time they're not that cute.
I don't blog about running, cause I don't run. ...for exercise anyway. If someone were chasing me I would totally run.
I don't blog about cooking, cause I hate it.
So I guess I just kind of blog about nonsense, really.

I talk about my dogs a lot, Maycee and Gunther and how cute, and furry, and cute they are.

Sometimes I talk about my husband and all the dead animals on our wall he's killed.
But I'm afraid maybe that might scare some readers away, so I try not to go on about that one. Although you Country Roots readers might not mind that one too much, since we all know that a dead animal on the wall means dinner in the freezer!

I complain a lot about grad school and how many papers I have to write.

I just started watching the Bachelor. So you know, I have that to talk about now too.
I have Rachel to thank in part for that. Her Bachelor updates on the blogosphere and the Twitter-verse made me wanna tune in so I can be part of the convo.

So I suppose I don't really blog about anything terribly exciting really. But don't let that deter you from visiting my neck of the world wide web; I do try to make it all entertaining at the least. Although sometimes things that are entertaining to me, don't always translate on the blog. 
Ah well, can't win 'em all can we?
At least Rachel gets me =)

Thanks for letting me hang out at Rachel's Country Roots today...

it's been real!


  1. New Follower! I found you through this fun link up! When you have time.. stop by → www.kjaggers.com ← and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy Tuesday! K Jaggers

  2. Your Puppies are so cute! My family is also hunters and I had a ton of deer heads on the wall growing-up. I never even thought twice about it! New Follower!



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