Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eco Care by Simple Solution Product Review

Hey there! I got the opportunity to do a product review on some doggy products. It is called Eco-Care by Simple Solutions. They are made for dog training and cleaning and are eco-friendly. 
The first thing I noticed about this product was that it smelled amazing. Most cleaning products do not smell good but this one smelled so good. I could smell it the minute I opened the box it came in!! They have a lot of different things to try and since we just got a new puppy this makes for a happy Rachel! This has helped so much with potty training!
The first product I love the most is the Stain + Odor Remover.  Once again it smells great. I used this to clean the dog crate EVERY TIME she peed/pees in it, peed/pees on the carpet and the floor.  It was great for all of them but on the carpet you could not even tell that a little puppy has peed on it.  All you have to do is spray the area, let it set 10 minutes and pat it dry! This product just became my best friend until potty training is done!! 

The Training Aid helped some. You spray in it the area you want the dog to go the bathroom in the yard. It mimics the pheromones and the dog will urinate there...I know gross BUT if you have a puppy this will save your life. She is great about going outside..if you pay attention to her. Once she got used to going to this spot we did not need it anymore but we did use like have the bottle to get her to outside!

The Yard Odor Away is for outdoor stuff like patio furniture. I did spray this and it helped with stains from the weather but as the pups have not went bathroom on any of that stuff it did not apply but it did get some stains out of other things and it said you can use this for rocks that are discolored as well. Once it warms up and is not 10 degrees I plan to do this.  

This is the Multi-Surface cleaner and at first I was so confused BUT I read the fine print. You can use this baby on soap scum and grease. I took that as a test and used it on my stove!!! I have the pictures to prove it!! Look at how messy my stove was and how good it looked afterwards. I love this and plan on buying this once I run out. This is one of the best cleaners I have ever found. It is hard to clean my stove and this stuff works so well!
Dirty Stove..look at all of the spots and grease streaks..gross!

Clean stove!!!! Looks amazing!!!It got all the streaks off!

And Itsy approves!!!! I always worry about products affecting the dogs and this one was great with them. I really do love this product and I am very lucky to be given the chance to review it!! Thanks for the help with potty training!!

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