Thursday, January 31, 2013

Damn Storm

Last night we got that horrible storm on the East Coast. Lucky us. I was hoping it would just be a little rain storm and that would be it. NOPE! I did not think much of it at first and was all "We are not going to lost power" because we NEVER EVER lose power. We have never lost power in our house for more than a few seconds when everyone else loses their power. I was so wrong last night. Lucky us...we got to lose power for a few hours. Does this make for a happy Rachel? I was actually in a pretty good mood.
I am so high class I cooked hot dogs by candlelight/flashlight until the hubs decided to plug a light in! The good thing about having gas/propane can still cook when the power is out. I highly recommend this yall!
 The ole hubs is pretty crafty and fixed the generator not to long ago so he hooked it up to the TV so I could have that and the Internet and that made for one happy Rachel! And that is the Big Bang Theory playing in the background!

 As you can see...the pup does not see to amused with this power outage! The other dog who does not like the dark...was hiding in the crate!
Also..I weighed my self..finally. I had been putting that off for..weeks...for real. I didn't gain..much. Only 1 lb. WOOT!! I am happy with that..I guess. I need to really get back on track and be serious and try to lose this muffin top and look schemxy for my man ya know! I do feel good and I am happy with the way I look but I would be happier if I lost like 5-10 lbs. So no more Starbucks/Dunkin/McDonald frapps for me!


  1. sounds like you turned it into a fun night!!! and way to go for only gaining a lb. i am terrified to step on the scale lately!

  2. Girl I feel your pain about the storm...we were without power for over 5 hours..and I am pretty sure a Tornado went through about 2 miles from my house! The storm system wreaked havoc in GA!!


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