Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little me!

Well I am finally getting this thing off the ground and getting followers so I figured what the heck! Maybe you would like to know who I am and what I am about!

The name is Rachel...some know me as Bean, Beaner, or Beano..due to maiden name issues. I grew up and still live in Virginia. I had a brief stint in WV for high school and college. I tend to be obnoxious and loud. I am not scared to tell you what I think and I love life and live it to the fullest!

I have 2 sibs...and some nieces and nephews. That is another story for another time!

I became a Mrs. about 3 years ago to this guy! 

We had a lovely little ceremony! I cleaned up real nice until I burped during a speech!
We have these 2 little girls! Zoey and Itsy! Both are pitbull lab mixes! They are my kids!

I work UVA..if you do not know what that is.. Google it! I have a passion for reading and love my Nook Color! I eat way to much cheese..weird..no? I love everything FORD. I try to decorate my house in everything country-ish much to my hubs dislike. I love shopping even though my bank account hates it. Kohls is my weakness along with Target. Starbucks is becoming one of my newest addictions to my added list of things I love. I love concerts...country to be exact. I went to about 6-7 last year. I have a slight..minor tiny obsession with Miranda Lambert. 

Instead of vacationing at the beach I prefer Maine. I love the beach..do not get me wrong..but I prefer shopping in Freeport, eating tons of chowders and visiting odd and ends shops! 

Pretty right?

So I do not know what else you should know or that I feel like sharing! You can ask if you would like to! 


  1. I am from Virginia too! And no need to Google, as I went to school there:) where abouts are you from? Found you from the link up.

    1. Hey Maddie! I am from Madison. I work over in the Pres office though at UVA. I followed you on here now though. Glad you found me. It is nice to have UVA people on here :)


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