Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week happenings!

This week has been super busy so sorry for the delay in postings! I have been super busy with Itsy and work. Itsy has been keeping me up all hours of the night. She likes to sleep until about 1 a.m. and then loves to wake up every hour after that and eat, drink, and go to the restroom. I believe this might be a game with her. Her fun way to wake me up is to take her little paws and whack me right in the face/eyes or bite my chin. When she is older she will pay!!! She is getting bigger though. She was only 5 weeks old when we got her and we were told she was older. She has grown a good bit in a week and we bought her specialty dog food for little puppies! She goes to the vet this weekend to get all checked out! 

On other notes...I was given this amazing tape dispenser at work that I love. I even have a pair of black heels that match! I think every one should make their work/desk match their personalities but not make it cluttered. Do not leave it plain and boring!!!

I also have gotten tired of having my cupcake liners making a mess in my cabinet so I saw this on pinterest and did it my self. This is such a great way to store them and you can see all the ones you have. I have just the metal lid on..not the actual whole top so I can just take them out without unscrewing the whole thing! It is wonderful! 

We had a holiday potluck and I made my baklava but I failed to take a picture of it and there was no that was a good sign that it was good! Hope everyone is have a good week so far!

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