Friday, December 21, 2012

Shopping at Christmas!

Tonight after work I had to go grocery shopping and last minute christmas shopping! I must be crazy right?
I was in Kohls for about 20 minutes and found great sales and deals! I am a crazy pyscho shopper and will push through people to get my sales! Watch out for me! I am pretty sure the sales people think I am a loon but oh well.
I think trotted on over to lovely Harris Teeter, or as I like to call it Harry Tweeter! It was shockingly pretty empty except for the lady with 2 kids that decided to squak dog toys all around the store and that thought that getting in line behind me was the best thing for them to do. They are lucky to see christmas at this point. And Harry Tweeter thinks it is cute to give the kids these little carts...
 that they like to run into everything!! This is why I am a dog person!!!
Now I am relaxing with chicken nuggets and a buglight! Go me! I will be shamboozled before the nights end!

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