Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I finally got my dress in from that I ordered online. It is from modcloth. I fell in love with it even more once I got it. I got it for 18.00 with shipping on ebay! I am all about saving a dollar if I can. Modcloth is very pricey and I am too cheap to pay the full price for the clothes. Here is how it looked on me. I plan on wearing it to work.

I also went to a holiday event at work today. They had a amazing gingerbread house. It made any hopes of me making one go down the drain! Any one I would make would just look horrible compared to it.
They had a pile of snacks for people to eat and you could decorate gingerbread cookies with icing and sprinkles. Since I am on a diet I went with a very plain Jane cookie. One of the girls I work with made one that was amazing compared to mine..can you guess which is which?


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