Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good day..gone wrong

My day started off pretty good today. The ice melted away fairly quickly and I got to work only 20 minutes late due to this. I was still the first person here! Go me! I was having a good day, and we are even closing early in case the roads freeze back up..which I am thinking is not gonna happen but I am not gonna argue! There was not even any traffic on my way in and I did not hit any lights. I wore my favorite sweater dress from mod cloth too. This was my day ya know? First day back from "winter break".
First thing that went wrong..I bit my tongue. That hurt like hell and if any of you have done hurts. Need I say more?
My manager is also on leave and I am covering the office by myself until my temp starts. Its going well...until...dun dun dun...I get a call saying they can not start!
I am freaking out currently! So I fled here for some TLC and to get away from it! Now to start the process over! Nice day back to work! Here's hoping I do not bust my ass on the way to the car! 

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