Friday, December 28, 2012


Today is finally Friday!! It has been a short week..only 2 days for me! It has went by very fast and has been pretty good. Only a few bumps and bruises here and there! I never got to post any Christmas pictures so here are a few!
My nephew..look at them ears!
The hubs and Itsy!
Me and the sister!
 I now get another 4 day work week and I get to party for New Years!
Now I know everyone makes those lovely New Years resolutions..but who are we we really keep them? Maybe out of the millions of people..2% actually complete them. We all say we will lose weight, eat healthier, stop smoking or whatever it is. I have decided to not make a resolution this year but to just be a better person..or is that making one??

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful drunken amazing New Years and I hope you get to kiss that special person at midnight! If not..enjoy your amazing weekend, party like its 1999 and enjoy what is left of 2012!
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  1. love the idea of just being a better person!!! that's awesome. adding that to my list. happy new year!

  2. Maybe this year I will make a reasonable resolution! Looks like a fun Christmas! That little guys is super cute! (: Found you from H54F!! Have a great weekend!

    I blog over here:

  3. Happy New Year to you both! Thanks for the blog love!! I hope you have a wonderful new year and make it awesome!

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