Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Card....kinda

So we do not actually do the whole Christmas Card thing in our house. The hubs is not into the photo thing...who can blame him? Do you want to go and get your picture taken at a studio or have a friend take it and if it isn't good stand there and pose until its right?

We got these little hats for the dogs and tried to capture the best image of them. This is how they turned out. We had to have Chris (the hubs) hold them! What do you think?

They do not look happy but they sure are cute!
Look at that mouth!
Finally a good picture!! Itsy finally sat still for a picture!
Rachel xoxo


  1. So funny! We attempted Christmas card photos last year with our pups and the outtakes were just hilarious! :)

  2. She did not want her picture taken..lol It was alot of shots!! It makes for a fun time though!


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