Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busted Pants

Today was a bad day..start to...well it hasn't finished yet. I woke up late..yay me! Itsy decided that she wanted me to leave house late as well so she could whine a ton!! Thank you for that one Itsy. I barely made it to the parking garage and had to sprint to the office to make it on time.
My day seemed to be getting better and I was at lunch with my friend Selina and I happened to look down at my pants and what did I find?? A hole in my pants above my crotch..really?? YES! Who else could this happen to? It was not a small was massive below the zipper and my underwear were showing..luckily I am one of those girls that happens to wear underwear on a daily basis!!! The hubs was to busy to bring me extra pants so I was stuck!! Once back in the office I found a sewing kit and sewed the together...BUT it gets better!! I sewed my pants while wearing them.....and I sewed them to my underwear..GO ME! I couldn't even go bathroom the rest of the day with the fear of ripping my pants again!!
I ripped my pants
I am now home and happily out of those horrible pants and now in some comfy pajamas and relaxing!! Hopefully this never happens again!

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