Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boring Snow Day

Today is a very boring snow day and the hubs is forcing me to watch old western movies..this is not my cup of tea! He is going to force me to drink. The good part about today is we woke up to lovely snow!
 Photo: Snow!!!
We are now stuck in the house because we are too lazy to go anywhere. Who wants to drive out in nasty wet weather? NOT ME! I am very happy at home in my nice warm home. We have plenty of left overs from Christmas Dinner which will keep us nice and fat. The sad part about today is this is the last day before I go back to work and have to be a adult. I would love to wear my new yoga pants to work but I have to big a big kid and dress in fancy clothes and play dress up and look professional.
The sad part of today is that it is now the day after Christmas. The lights must come down. The tree must be taken down and put away (ours is fake) and we no longer have a reason to eat all of the cookies and goodies that have been brought to our house or that I have made. The only reason now is that my inner fat girl is raging to get out! I love Christmas and will look forward to it again next year! So sadly I say goodbye to Christmas!
I was going to upload pictures from Christmas Eve dinner but I live in the middle of no where and with the lovely weather I got today it has slowed my internet! So until next time..

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  1. Good luck with the western movies! :) At least the snow looks pretty and you have lots of yummy leftovers!


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