Monday, November 26, 2012


I took the past week off from work which was amazing and I used it to decorate the house and to get ready for Thanksgiving with the family. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving in West Virginia with my husbands family. I did miss my family but it is always great to see the rest of my family as well that we do not get to see that often. We all brought a dish to the Thanksgiving dinner so I made baklava and cheese ball! I did not take a picture of the cheese ball. I am the worst for taking pictures but I did get one of the baklava. That is my go to dessert recipe.

This is me with some family members!! I wore a lovely sweater dress with stockings and boots! Sadly no other pictures were taken for you to see.

We also got out Christmas Tree up. If you look close enough you might be able to find the shot gun shell lights my husband found in Freeport Maine that are on there. Ignore the vacuum and my windows!

We also had some lovely deer chops when we got back home. They are just like pork chops..but with deer meat. I love deer meat and this was so good.
I leave you with a lovely picture of my view today from the office..can you figure out what that building is??

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