Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am nuts over shoes. Boots..heels..flats..sandals..it does not matter. I love them no matter what. I have a closet floor full of shoes and I refuse to get rid of any. As any girl..I bet they do the same. Mostly right now boots are in. I prefer flat boots to wear in the fall/winter so I do not fall down..I tend to be clumsy! Here are some really cute ones that will not break the bank!

Women's Mossimo® Kasey Boot - Assorted Colors

These are from Target and only cost $25.48. You can get them here.

Womens Adi Designs Microsuede D-ring Slouchy Boots

These are also from Target and come in 3 colors. Beige and black as well. They only cost $37.99 and you can pair them with leggings or with a pair of skinny jeans! You can get them here.

These boots are called the Arizona Daisha Straps and they are at JCPenny. They cost $50.00. These are great for winter and summer. I have these and I love them. They go good with jeans and you can wear them anywhere!

These lovely boots come in black and brown and are at JCPennys. They cost $40.00. You can wear these ones to work or out somewhere.

What shoes do you love? Is there a certain place you prefer to shop at or certain type of shoe you like to wear??


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