Saturday, November 17, 2012

In need of hobby

I am in need of a hobby so I am going to take up crochet-ing. I have bought everything today and even gotten the yarn. I hope I can pick up on it so hopefully I can make loads of stuff. I need to find a hobby and make cute things so I am not just sitting around the house being bored or spending all day on pinterest or window shopping on line for clothes that I want but will never buy. Does anyone else have any fun hobbies that they do on the weekends that are fun?


  1. thats great rachel!! let me know how it turns out. I use to be able to do that but cant remember now :)

  2. I tried and can get it started! I struggle when it comes to starting a new line. I am going to get some help from relatives over thanksgiving so I will give a update then :)


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