Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today I found that I was in need of new dress pants but every time I go to get some they do not have my size. I looked on and found what I needed. If you order in store they do not charge shipping but online they do. I have some coupons already but was not wanting to pay the shipping. Well I was savvy today and googled kohls coupons and up popped a website that you can find here and there was free shipping and % off stuff. I was thrilled. I got free shipping and lots of other things off my order! You should never pay full price for anything! Remember that and always buy things on sale! Never pay the original amount for it!! I got a pair of $40.00 dress pants for $20.00 with no shipping cost! I am a happy camper!!

Do you have any secrets of shopping like that? xoxo

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