Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

I went to WV for Thanksgiving and wanted to go shopping with all the crazy people for black Friday. I had plans to go out on Friday and meet up with my friend Alex in Fairmont but because the lovely weather in WV is unpredictable that did not get to happen. I had to do my shopping online. I did manage to snag 3 dresses and a pair of jeans on line for a good deal. I am excited and can not wait for them to get here..lets pray they fit. Now for cyber Monday..I do not get into this. I feel like it should end with black Friday. I just do not get why it is dragged out so much. Every one has spent all their money already? Also..I need to save my money and not blow it all on Christmas just yet!!! Have you went shopping yet??

Here is what I got for black Friday shopping..what deals did you get?

I loved this dress and it has that color block look to it.

This one is great for any shape but perfect for mine :) It will help make my look a little smaller.

I love leggings and skinny jeans and wanted to try out jeggings. I do not know the difference or if there is one so I got these to try.

I got this sweater dress in a blue/black stripe but I can not find that picture. I did not get this red. I would look like a big red blimp. I love sweater dresses with some leggings and boots.

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