Monday, October 8, 2012

Struggling with the curl

I tried once again to curl my hair over the weekend on multiple failed attempts. I think I am coming to the realization that my hair is not able to curl! I have watched multiple vidoes, tried different types of curling irons, different types of styles and I even tried it with a straightner! My hair is fighting me and winning! It is not able to curl. My hair is naturally straight and I am giving up! I have to thank genetics on this father has amazingly straight hair and my mothers is super curly! The only thing I am able to do with this mop is color it the colors of the rainbow and whatever a hair band will do! Lucky me!!!

If anyone else who has this horrible dilema of the typical straight white girl and has some amazing tip/trick to cure it and it does not end with a perm/shaving it all off....I would love to know it!


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