Friday, October 5, 2012

Shopping on a budget

I find that most people I know have to shop on a budget. If you are like me, you have BIG DREAMS to fill a closet and not the cash. Well I have found that a couple ways to save!

If you sign up for the e-mail specials at the stores, they send out coupons and they send up 15-30%. Kohls is really good about this. They tend to send at least 1-2 a week. JCPenny has cut out their coupons but if you have their credit card and spend $50.00 you will get a $10.00 coupon in the mail. I know it’s not really worth it unless you are needing to the spend the $50.00.

Another place I love to shop is T.J. Maxx. They have name brand clothes for cheap!!! You can get a great steal for a good price. The only down fall is finding the size you need. I love this store!!! Ross is another good one! They are a lot alike. Another store to shop is a consignment shop. People sell their old clothes all the time and want money for them. If you can find a nice one in your area, then I bet you will find good buys. In our area we have a store called Plato's closet,, you can sell your old clothes for money there and take it and either buy someone else’s clothes in that store for cheaper or go somewhere else.

I do not shop in expensive stores because you do not get your money out of it so here are a few tips and tricks! Hope they help!

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