Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainy evening

I am sitting here and surfing the web trying to figure out what to blog out and noticed our house has very random things in it. My husband and I are very different from each other but we are a lot alike in other ways too. I love to decorate the house with "country" stuff and he would prefer skulls and creepy stuff like that. I have so much rustic sun type stuff around the house that I think he gets tired of it so I try to put stuff in the house that he likes as well. I think every couple should do that and not make their place just about one or the other or make it all about the looks. We make our house about us and who we are.

Here is a pic of our house. It has changed a bit. We now have a front porch and grass and a bit more. We built our house about 2 years ago.

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