Friday, October 19, 2012

Long day

Today I saw a new drink when I got my frozen yogurt and I went back to work and kept talking about it. Well it is called Bubble Tea. I was wanting to try it but I was not going out of my way to get it. One of the lawyers I work with was super nice today and brought it back for me. It was coconut flavor. It was a weird. They have these beads in the bottom of them that you suck up through the straw and they are more chewy and kinda gross then they are good. The drink it self was really good. I think I would like it better without the beads at the bottom of the drink. It had a weird after taste that I did not like but I can deal with that for a good drink!!!

Then after my lovely day at work, I had to run to the hospital to see my dad! He has RA and diabetes which he was just diagnosed with this past week. He is doing ok and will be alright but RA can really take alot out of you! I am not going into details about why he is there but they are keeping him for the night. So prayers to the pops!

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