Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Its a 10

I have found a wonderful amazing fanatabulous..is that a word?? product!! I love it! I started using Its a 10 on my hair about a year ago and it works magic. I flat iron my hair every day and my hair is pretty damaged from that and I color it every 6-8 weeks whatever color my little head desires. I was having a lot of break aways and my hair was starting to look horrible and it was giving my "typical white girl" hair. I use just a small amount every day on my hair it really is magic. It has changed my hair so much! They sell BIG bottles and little bottles of it. The BIG bottles last a very long time so I tend to get those. They have a amazing hair care line of prodcuts as well.


If you flat iron, curl, blow dry your hair every day, I would suggest this! It really is amazing! I know the salon ladies push products all the time but this one is worth it!

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  1. i use this and have several years and its the best. It does so much. and makes my hair feel great.



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