Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eric Church Tour

I am a fan of country music and I have been to a bunch of country concerts this year. Miranda Lambert is my favorite by the way. I have seen her two times this year and I am going to see her again next year with my some more friends. I went over the weekend to see Eric Church at John Paul Jones Arena with my friend and her daughter! It was a lot of fun. It was a last minute decision as I was supposed to go out of town to PA and it go cancelled so I got my ticket back literally late Friday night! Eric Church puts on one hell of a show. Justin and Kip Moore opened up for him and they were amazing as well!! I was making a phone call at one point and didn't even realize until later on but Justin Moore was beside me. Had I have known I would have been like HEYYY  but I am a idiot and did not know.

Here are some pics from the show and some of us!! I now have dark hair and not blond as well :) xoxo

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