Monday, October 22, 2012


I use these 2 products for my make up needs. I know that most people like to use a lot of fancy minerals and stuff but I find that covergirl is amazing and works for me. I am very light skinned and covergirl has a lot of different tones to work with any one's skin tone! I use the 410 for the minerals and the 110 to 120 for the base foundation. The minerals have a nice sparkle in them so when you apply them you get a bit of shimmer and its not to much. It tends to last me awhile as well. This is also a cheaper way to get nice makeup without having to drop a lot on them. I am all about saving a dollar if you can :)
What do you use for make up? Do you like to save money or when it comes to make up, do you prefer the glamorous stuff? xoxo
TRUblend Minerals Loose Powder
Clean Liquid Makeup Normal Skin

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